Green Building

Did you know that in a average people spend about 90% of their time indoors, and most of it at their home. However, modern houses may contain substances that are potentially hazardous to our health. These substances are in range from a normal dust to the major irritants, such as dry-evaporation of the new synthetic building materials that are used today.

Therefore , it's no surprising that the quality of indoor air is often referred to as a sleeping giant in the construction industry. Its quality can be 10 times worse than the air outdoors during foggy days in the big cities. And it has been proved that it causes harmful effects on human health. American Association of pulmonary disease (American Lung Association) confirms that living in a modern comfortable home is not always harmless. Namely, they warn US citizens on kind of health damage that can be caused by living in the modern home, and how they can protect themselves from the harmful health impacts as much as possible. And one of the most important steps you can take is to use "green" - environmentally oriented and health-harmless building materials.

Existing studies of harmful materials effects, which are used in constructions, indicate the six most dangerous space pollutants: asbestos, toxic materials, solvents, radon, biological pollutants and agents for protection against bioloical pollutants.

Also researches have shown that families who lived in the buildings constructed with these harmful materials or people who have been in contact with those are suffering from various types of cancer in a large number. Accordingly, constant inhalation of these materials particles have led lives in danger while they were thinking that they are safe in the comfort of their home.

Thus, in the case of widespread asbestos, US authorities in the United States passed a law banning the use of materials made on asbestos basis. All the factories made of this materials are closed and buildings are destroyed. After USA there was a prohibition of the use and installation asbestos in Europe. Also in the case of other harmful materials, European and American regulations are rigorous.

But, are you sure that in such chaotic market like ours is, you don't use these materials? How many of our citizens still live in buildings containing harmful materials? Even in the newesst building projects when the so called "latest" super modern building materials are used?

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