Why use TOP products?

"Don't be afraid being called old-fashioned. Changes to the old constructions methods are permitted only if they can bring improvement, otherwise stick to the old methods."

These words of Adolf Loos, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, although pronounced back in 1913, these are still accurate. Bricks are great example for the traditional use of building materials. Clay bricks have been constantly used nearly 5,000 years. And they are still standing in the Middle East as a testament to their durability.

People have used bricks since ancient times for various reasons. Some builders emphasize the esthetic attratction of natural colors, shapes and textures, while other use it for energy efficiency. Builders often use bricks because they want to use materials that require very little maintenance, that are eco-friendly and provide good fire protection. Eco friendly builders choose bricks because it's proven that bricks do not emit harmful chemicals or other toxins in your home like other building materials. Brick is a combination of earth, water and fire because these elements are essential in the production process.

Brick production has a long tradition in our region. In the area of Tunjice near Banja Luka bricks have beeen produced more than 80 years and they are made of high quality plastic brick clay. Bricks construction i.e. construction with natural earth materials is not only common in our region. Majority of the most developed European countries returns to brick building. Due to environmental and economic problems with which developed industrial countries are facing, brick as safe, non-toxic and economically affordable supplies, again become # 1 choice for construction.

Our TOP clay products are superior quality and guarantee saving money and energy. Visiting our stores you will find not only the most affordable prices for products made from the finest natural materials, but as well as a complete solution for building your home.

Remeber, house building is the largest lifetime single investment for average man. So be careful and don't threaten your biggest lifetime investment.

Select TOP products because they are comprehensive and constant building materials with excellent termic character, high thermal mass and energy efficiency. See for yourself why these 5,000 years old traditional building methods, are gaining in popularity around the world - visit TOP Commerce today!