Top Commerce

Top Commerce company was established on 1st September 2012 and in short time has become a leader in BiH market as well as on the markets of countries in the region. Due to its superior product quality and competetive prices, our products have made breaktrough even on the most demanding European Union markets. Top Commerce produces superior quality building materials. Our wide production range includes:

  • brick block products,
  • drywall profiles,
  • drywall suspension system,
  • facade systems and
  • roof accessories.

In order to offer complete solutions for all types of the construction activities, besides our own production of building materials, we sell world's most famous brands in our retail and wholesale network.

Top Commerce company is operational, flexible and complete professional system which is organizationally and technicaly fully equipped for implementation of the most demanding task in the construction creativity.

As a result, our facilities in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina are synonym for tradition and quality in the clay bricks production. Our presence in three different locations – Tunjice near Banja Luka, Bijeljina and Modriča allows low transportation cost to the consumer. Our highly qualified experts constantly work on production innovation and introduction of new products in line with current environmental trends in the construction industry.

Therefore, we at Top Commerce company focus on areas in which we are among best in international context. The foundation of our business is the production of the bricks. Brick is a building material which quality and cost-effectiveness can always be proven. Building with bricks is a highly cost-effective and environmentally-oriented investment for the future. Our aim is continuous product development that rationalize energy consumption using technologies which do not have a harmful effect on the environment.

We build our future based on experience and knowledge of long history of producing bricks in Banja Luka and Bijeljina region.

Our goal is to create constant values to natural products: lifetime quality of housing and safety for our customers, a solid investment for shareholders and attractive workplace for associates. Top Commerce is present in all regional markets, and because of its wide product assortments it has become exporter throughout the European Union.

Although they own knowledges based on the long-year tradition, our experts are constantly investing in themselves.

We consider ourselves as socially responsible company. We concentrate our actions toward economic, enviromental and social aspects – in order to be successful in the future. Success is not only measured by great business achivements and market leadership, it is also measured with responsibility to the community in which it operates. Social responsibility, as an important part of the corporate culture, through development of high value system, became our priority objective and activity. Respect of fundamental human values and personality of each individual is also important part of our mission. As a developing and enviromental company, Top Commerce is continually investing in knowledge and progress. Person, his capacity, talents, interests, skills and knowledge are our most important resourse.

Top Commerce take active role in social and community developmnet programs, particularly in the fields of social welfare, health support and promotion, enviroment, culture, sports... We initiate and support such projects especiallly in local communities. Thus we were general sponsor of FK "Budućnost" Šargovac.