Sick Home Syndrome

Relation of the man after nature before the industrial and technological revolution and its further prosperity, was oriented to adjustment of the man to the nature and to life in harmony among humans and nature. However, ruthless depletion of natural resources and inadequate method of facilities building, contributed to the greatly disturbed and polluted natural environment of man - his house!

Inevitable mankind development affects changes of the enviroment. However, like other activities, construction necessary has to meet human needs without compromising the environment.

The principles of "sustainable" or "organic" buildings include the construction of buildings with the use of building materials that are environment friendly and are safe for people to live in these houses.

But there is often a " Sick Home Syndrome!"

How to recognize an "unhealthy house"?

"Sick Home Syndrome" term was introduced in 1983. by the experts of the World Health Organization. This term is defined as health disorder, manifested by nonspecific subjective symptoms.

The main reasons that leads to "an unhealthy home syndrome" can be mostly defined as a biological, chemical and physical environmental factors. Unhealthy house can be placed on crossroads of harmful waves. The space that is not insollated and ventilated and the heating that reduces air quality, makes breathing difficult, leads to anemia and negativly affects human health. But inadequate construction and especially use of inappropriate building materials is what makes a house unhealthy!

Elimination process of the "Sick Home Syndrome" includes effective use of ecological building materials (easily renewable materials, recycled, durable materials that are not harmful to the environment...) and a healthy environment (careful selection of building materials that are not harmful to human health). Selection of the environmentally-oriented material in the construction industry will give you multiple benefits. Besides elimination of the risk to your and your household health, it will provide you significant financial savings in reducing utility bills for heating, cooling and electricity. You will enjoy more comfortable and better housing quality and will extend the life of your home. By avoiding the use of unhealthy building materials you'll avoid unhealthy Sick Home Syndrome and demonstrate a responsible attitude toward your living environment.