International Certification

Our TOP brand has been synonym for quality for range of building materials of brick on the local, regional and European markets for the long time.


As a confirmation of our high quality products in June 2013 we became one of the first companies in the region that has received European CE mark for its TOP products. CE mark stands for "Conformité Européenne" (engl. European Conformity) and represent production label that indicates:

  • product is designed and manufactured in accordance with health, safety and other EU directives that are relevant to the product and that predict placing CE mark on it and
  • that the appropriate conformity assessment was made​​.

CE mark is only allowed sign of product compliance with the requirements of European directives regarding the safety of products in the European Union. Unlike the quality signs, CE mark is mandatory, so product without the CE mark can't enter EU market. Precisely, CE mark provided our TOP products trade passport for EU market.

Also, all operating systems within Top Commerce has been certified for ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001:2008 certificate indicates that the company adjusted its operation to standards of good market practice, which is focused on improving the quality of products, services and customer.

ISO 9001:2008 certicate is additional confirmation of our quality performance, ​​organization and management systems levels in a relation to the requirements of the clients.

It is a confirmation to all our business partners and customers, the users of our TOP products, they they can rely even more to the quality of our products