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Green Building

Did you know that in an average people spend about 90% of their time indoors, and most of it at their home. However, modern houses may containn substances that are potentially hazardous to our health. These substances are in range from a normal dust to the major irritants, such as dry-evaporation of the new synthetic building materials that are used today.

Therefore , it's no surprise that the quality of indoor air is often referred to as a sleeping giant in the construction industry...


Sick Home Syndrome

Relation of the man after nature before the industrial and technological revolution and its further prosperity, was oriented to adjustment of the man to the nature and to life in harmony among humans and nature. However, ruthless depletion of natural resources and inadequate method of facilities building, contributed to the greatly disturbed and polluted natural environment of man - his house!

Inevitable mankind development affects changes of the enviroment. However, like other activities, construction necessary has to meet human needs without compromising the environment...


Brick History

When they began to use brick as a building material? How was it developed? Why is it most widely used building material even today?

First brick was produced in ancient times in Mesopotamia. Simultaneously with the increase in construction activities the lack of building materials has forced people to turn to what they had, and it was loam and clay from which they start to made bricks.

Construction in Babylon was entirely by brick, while the surrounding cities used bricks, often glazed, only as a lining for the face of the wall.


Why use TOP products?

"Don't be afraid being called old-fashioned. Changes to the old constructions methods are permitted only if they can bring improvement, otherwise stick to the old methods."

These words of Adolf Loos, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, although pronounced back in 1913, these are still accurate. Bricks are great example for the traditional use of building materials. Clay bricks have been constantly used nearly 5,000 years. And they are still standing in the Middle East as a testament to their durability.